Make Love, Not Politics (Visual Novel)


Make Love, Not Politics is a kinetic visual novel with political and slice-of-life undertones. It tells the story of Jacob Watfen, a college freshman, who bumps into his childhood friend, Kaitlyn Sherman. Unfortunately, they have trouble getting along due to their political differences.

But an unpredictable incident forces them to act like a couple in order to avoid upsetting their parents back in Washington. With the help of their apartment mate, Naomi Lusk, and past experiences, Jacob and Kaitlyn try to find common ground and set their differences aside in order to become legitimate lovers.

Instructions for accessing game:

  1. Download .zip folder included in URL.
  2. Extract .zip contents.
  3. Launch renpy.exe
  4. Select MLNP in menu popup.


Programmer, script writer




Digital Game