Streams of Nurture (Kinetic Novel)


A kinetic novel that tackles the themes of over-fishing and aquaculture in the Pacific Northwest. The game follows the tale of a New Englander who relocates to Washington State to attend Labrador Institute and continue the work of their father who mysteriously vanished when the protagonist was a toddler.

One day, a salmon crisis breaks out and the plucky Northeasterner and their new friends set out to make things right by adopting sustainable rearing practices that will preserve the wild fish stocks. Along the way, they’ll come across the quandaries associated with pursuing potentially beneficial and innovative ventures.

Instructions for accessing sample of game:

  1. Download .zip folder included in URLs for builds. Links can be found below.
  2. Extract .zip contents.
  3. Launch VN_MQP.exe in VN_MQP-0.1.0 folder.
  4. Enjoy!

Gamasutra article includes hyperlinked words in third paragraph (above NOTE) that can be clicked on to access other parts of the post-development report.


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