Humble Abode (Skyrim Home)


A re-creation of my real-life apartment in Skyrim using the Creation Kit. Marks my first attempt at leveraging Bethesda’s tools for crafting their role-playing titles.

Settlement is located west of Whiterun, the hold of which is one of the sparser regions to explore in the game.

My goal was to create an abode that communicated the owner’s sense of isolation and solitude by being based so far away from the hustle and bustle.

No one exactly knows what lies behind the existence, let alone the inhabitance (or lack thereof), of a cozy cottage located in the verdant meadows West of Whiterun.

Some say that its owner, a reclusive explorer, succumbed to his lust for world knowledge by abandoning the only place he called home in an effort to pursue his efforts of unraveling all of Tamriel’s mysteries.

Others believe that the settlement served as a stopgap of sorts for exhausted travelers wishing to take a respite from the constant sauntering, all thanks to the effort of a benevolent soul with a peculiar collection of relics he “stumbled” upon in his personal travels.

Whatever the true story may be, one can’t deny that this house serves as a strange landmark that stands out from the wilderness surrounding it. Even stranger is the fact that the owner didn’t seem to mind leaving his abode out in the open, just waiting to be ferreted out by a curious soul…


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