Naomi Watkins's Residence (Fallout 4 Home)


A re-creation of my childhood home in Fallout 4 using the Creation Kit. Marks my second attempt at leveraging Bethesda’s tools for crafting their role-playing titles.

Bunker is located east of Vault 111.

My goal was to create a home that reflected its owner’s character and interests (e.g. loves collecting Pre-War artifacts and has a drug addiction).

Thinking of using the bunker for quest-related purposes.

Naomi Watkins. To some, she is one of the most erudite and resilient wanderers the Commonwealth has ever known. To others, she’s merely an aberration with several vices (including drug abuse) and quirks that make her human only in body. Whoever she is, one fact is for certain: she has endured many hardships that literally and figuritavely pushed her to the edge of civilization… or what’s left of it.

A former Diamond City resident with Enclave roots, Watkins was forced to relocate when the townsfolk began suspecting her of upsetting the social order with her idiosyncratic nature and attitude on life. Many believed she was a Synth in disguise, with her simultaneously phlegmatic and passive-aggressive demeanor being a dead giveaway in their eyes. Regardless of where the truth lies, Watkins knew she wasn’t meant for this narrow-minded society.

Now living in a bunker located far away from the Boston area she hails from, Watkins lives a solitary life that’s defined by her quest for significance and her true purpose in this irradiated wasteland. Her bunker, adorned with trinkets and relics that highlight her infatuation with the past, now stands as the only place she truly calls ‘home’, one that’s far away from trespassers and vagabonds.

Or so she thought…


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