Industry Publications


A list showcasing some of the industry publications I was responsible for and had featured on media outlets such as Gamasutra and Kill Screen.

“Hail to the Queen: Guide-nines for Superlative Female Characterization.”

“Spread Your Wings: Forging a Distinctive Brand and Identity as a Creative Talent.”

“A Wicked Manifesto: Why Atomic Heart’s Existence Is Crucial In An Age of Strife.”

“Take It All In: Imbuing Video Games With a Potent Atmosphere.”

“Here Be Monsters: Producing Tangibly Minatory Creatures in Video Games.”

“Mind Games: Dissecting Get Even’s Narrative-Mechanics Synergy.”

“Nitty Gritty: Weaving a Fetching Environmental Narrative in Games.”

“Thief: Tense Narrative through Level Design and Mechanics.”

“A Tale of Two Open-Worlds: Comparing ‘Exploration’ and ‘Activity’ Sandboxes.”

“The Videogame That Helped Popularize Japanese Mecha in the West.”

“Mutual Engagement: How to Craft Compelling Character Interactions.”

“The Devil’s in the Details: Analyzing Doom’s Design Elements and Nuances.”

“Smooth Operator: designing a fluid and handy FPS movement model.”

“The Importance of Presentation in Games and How to Strengthen It.”

“Making the Most Out of the First-Person Perspective.”

“Creating Effective and Memorable Video Game Stories.”

“In The Long Run: making your (vanilla) video game last.”

“How to Design Formidable and Unforgettable Video Game Enemies.”

“The art of designing visceral and engaging Bullet Time gunplay.”

“The Key to Designing an Effectively Tense Survival Horror Experience.”

“What a Wonderful World: Crafting a Memorable Game Environment.”

“Tools of Destruction: creating the perfect shooter firearm.”

“The important differences between first-person and third-person games.”

“Out of Character: How to Design Good Game Characters.”




03/04/2018 (Last Updated)