Industry Publications


A list showcasing some of the industry publications I was responsible for and had featured on media outlets such as Gamasutra and Kill Screen.

A URL for my Gamasutra page, where most of my articles can be found, is also provided here:

“Take It All In: Imbuing Video Games With a Potent Atmosphere.”

“Here Be Monsters: Producing Tangibly Minatory Creatures in Video Games.”

“Mind Games: Dissecting Get Even’s Narrative-Mechanics Synergy.”

“Nitty Gritty: Weaving a Fetching Environmental Narrative in Games.”

“Thief: Tense Narrative through Level Design and Mechanics.”

“A Tale of Two Open-Worlds: Comparing ‘Exploration’ and ‘Activity’ Sandboxes.”

“The Videogame That Helped Popularize Japanese Mecha in the West.”

“Mutual Engagement: How to Craft Compelling Character Interactions.”

“The Devil’s in the Details: Analyzing Doom’s Design Elements and Nuances.”

“The Importance of Presentation in Games and How to Strengthen It.”

“Making the Most Out of the First-Person Perspective.”

“Creating Effective and Memorable Video Game Stories.”

“How to Design Formidable and Unforgettable Video Game Enemies.”

“The Key to Designing an Effectively Tense Survival Horror Experience.”

“What a Wonderful World: Crafting a Memorable Game Environment.”

“Out of Character: How to Design Good Game Characters.”




7/04/2018 (Last Updated)