The Doldrum: A Sort of Reverie (Dark Fantasy Novel)


Dark fantasy novel with psychological horror and Bildungsroman elements set in an alternate history rendition of Newfoundland that fell prey to a paranormal phenomenon.

The main topic of the novel is Weltschmerz (melancholy world-weariness), with themes including individualism v. collectivism, the fine line between escapism and isolation, self-actualization, the struggle to transcend one’s roots, and the importance of nature and fantasy to one’s well-being.

Contained in the slideshow are samples of the files and illustrations I made to detail the Doldrum’s narrative and look. I also added at the bottom of this page a few links to the Dropbox folders containing the novel’s documentation, including character profiles and audiovisual references for the Doldrum’s atmosphere.

As of writing, I’ve assembled all the scenes in chronological order, crafted the major character and monster profiles, compiled most of my audiovisual references for the book’s mood and detailed the subtler storytelling details in the narrative.

Design material is available for reading via URLs below.

Foster care assistant Harlow Rosenhound hopes to escape her life in confinement by traveling to Newfoundland in the hopes of reuniting with her long gone mother, Caroline, who has been reported missing in the province.

Accompanied by her caretaker and grandmother, Tanya, Harlow comes to learn that there’s a lot more at stake than just finding a lost relative: following the 1992 Atlantic cod fishery collapse, Newfoundland has given way to the spontaneous emergence of “The Doldrum”, an atmospheric anomaly that encased the region in a dome of fog.

The Doldrum seeks to thwart Harlow’s plans of reaching her mother by causing her plane to crash headfirst into the Atlantic Ocean, seemingly killing everyone but her on-board and leaving the young woman at the mercy of the forces of nature.

Waking up on the shores of Witless Bay, Harlow finds herself drawn deeper into Newfoundland which plans to expose her to her worst fears about herself and Caroline’s well-being, including a past she initially believed to have fully repressed and sundry anomalies that only seem to manifest themselves in Harlow’s eyes…




06/15/2018 – Present